Important customer information


Here you will find important information.

Shipping Costs

If delivery within Germany we charge € 3.95
For a delivery within the EU we charge € 4.95
For a delivery outside the EU is 8,00 €
When ordering stamp code or name labels are no shipping costs.


All stamp clerk delivered in this case .



The model-series switch is delivered in this Case .


The Travels stamps are delivered in this case.



Each article is delivered with an online voucher. With the 12-digit access code the stamp can be requested at either on the computer or using the QR code for mobile tagging. Each stamp is individually made and will be sent to the mailing address after a few days.

Without extra charge andworldwide!


The stampmechnism -switch-


The stamp -x20- model


So funktioniert die Stempelbestellung:
1. Order
Here you order your replacement stamp.
2. Pay
You get our bank data and transfer the sum.
3. Codenumber
On receipt of payment you get an email. Here you find the codenumber and a link to the order website Here also you can select the type of font and possilby a different delivery address.
4. Sending of the stamp The stamp is delivered by post to your preferred address.
There are no other hidden costs